Slynix Operating System or S.O.S. or SOS or whatever

2008-12-22 - x86_64 port and the repo hurts me

Seriously repos aren't for me:( Though i think i managed to somehow commit it, though expect a few fix commits, and also 1 or 2 cleanups. In short half of the world turned upside down (literally since kernel is now the upper half of address space). For more info (though not much more) check the commit message. For details check the source;p
--- Timon

2008-10-11 - Yet another commit

Too large to remember... God save the OS for I shall probably destroy it;)
I'll just C&P the commit message:
The oldest part would be R7 support and atombios, though it's very hackish.

Next is "improvements" to newlib, so freetype, libncurses and nano works, which also means that kernel/C supports terminal emulation (a bit).

However i then decided to get back to the first idea i had (how ironic), which is just make the same syscalls as in linux and compile libc as for linux.

Only managed that with uclibc;p but it actually works quite well. meaning the stuff that worked works, and even more stuff compiles (and maybe works).

There were also a few changes everywhere, like in GRS regarding software rendering,

but nothing really important.

Now the bad part: there's a bug/bugs somewhere, probably in fork/execve/TRS_Exec/MRS/DRS, and when you run stuff from bash it all breaks after a while (always in __uclibc_main). I didn't do enough testing to say anything for sure (too tired).

I also had problems on normal machines so there might be a few regressions or something:/

Life's hard...
Coming up next:
--- Timon

2008-08-20 - MUHAHA HA ha

I commited all the changes, which is actually quite bad since if anybody tried to run it, yeah like that would happen:(, he'd have a small hell on earth. The major speed issues resulted from not setting the PAT MSR and therefore no write combining on vesa;p In short it's all working quite good... relatively... I'll probably take a small break from MRS,TRS,SMP,APIC,IOAPIC,MP and play around with something less demanding like atombios, I have a shiny new radeon 4850, or play even more games since I have a shiny new radeon 4850, or maybe fool around with DockMe2 under vesa since I have no acceleration on my shiny new radeon 4850... the world is cruel sometimes...
--- Timon

2008-08-15 - MUHAHA HA

SMP works... quite a bit more;) it now runs a few apps (even multithreaded), though it often feels slower than without SMP... and most of the essential stuff (like killing apps) is broken, and probably all the drivers don't work (except vesa,ramdisk,kb/mouse). But hey at least it's going somewhere;)
--- Timon

2008-08-13 - MUHAHA

SMP works... a bit... just give me a few days (or months) and it'll totally take over the world;) In other news SRS works, though requires a lot of hardcoding and is nowhere near usable. Also libogg/vorbis compiled out of the box and worked. Ohh and MRS saw a major rewrite though it's only half done but still a lot better:)
--- Timon

2008-03-30 - Oops

Well it's been another "some time", the intel driver saw a major remake (using intels docs), now it's quite a bit more advanced than the R3 one and it's still a lot slower... and primitive... same as everything else. But it was fun:) I'm writing SRS atm. Which is the Sound Related Shtuff if you didn't catch that highly subtle acronym;p The driver is for the hda intel audio stuff thingy, so me thinks it should work on quite a lot of those new integrated sound cards. Yay! Soon the sos version of xmms will not only show a screenshot of xmms but also play something, probably a few seconds of a song in a loop. Now that's what I call useful progress;) right?
--- Timon

2008-01-09 - I'm still alive

Ok it's been some time, but it's not like anybody reads this anyway;p I've been working on a lot of things, ranging from a better cross-compiler, going through bash, NRS (there's something TCP-like now) and finishing on TRS and MRS. As always I probably forgot about something;) Either way bash works, and coreutils... meaning ls... most of the rest (of coreutils) just compiles/links;p Also reality caught up with me and there's another one of those nasty bugs... so I'm playing a few games atm;)
--- Timon

2007-11-20 - It's WE and not only me

There are 6 new devs, that makes 7 of us now;) We'll see how long they survive with me]:->
On a side note, I've been working on quite a few different things like better API in VFS, multiple screens/heads in GRS & IRS, and small things everywhere. Also tar works now (more or less as always;).
So in short it's all going forward as usual;p
--- Timon

2007-11-04 - Write in ext2, now that was fast (please note a very sarcastic tone)

Not full (mostly file creation/destruction) but should be enough for now;) obviously the driver is still as shitty and hardcoded as it was. I'll do a normal one in the "not so near" future, there's alot of different stuff to do until then.
At this second I'm making gzip work (and it does), not sure what's next, we'll see.
Ohh and I almost got somebody to help... ohh well that's life;p
--- Timon

2007-10-28 - Wiki and some info

I began writing the wiki documentation, and I officially hate it!
At this point I'm coding ext2_full_write_support and I also hate it, and it's going slowly (surprising how much other stuff there is to do, like reading motherboard reviews).
--- Timon

2007-10-14 - Added screenshots

--- Timon

2007-10-12 - The end of the beginning

The code is in the svn repo, the site is up though not a lot in it for now. Help very wanted, hell anything is wanted, I don't get much mail. I am open to any propositions though I might not agree;p
--- Timon